Sno Cones

#1803 Non-UL Shav-A-Doo

1203 or 1803 18½" W x 14" D x 27" H. 1/3 HP drive motor. 500lb. per hour shaving capacity.

List Price - $519.00

Sale Price - $499.00
FOB Factory

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1003 #1003 UL Listed Sno-Konette Ice Shaver

Remember the Sno-Konette was the granddaddy of all Sno-Kone machines! Easy to operate - simply lift the pusher handle up, shovel ice into the gooseneck shaped casting, and then return the pusher handle leading edge into the goose neck hopper and then turn the moroton. You can vary the coarsenesss of the ice by varying the pressure. The setting of the blades as well as the temperature of the ice help determine how fine the finished snow is. We provide a Drain Pan with a hose and fitting to catch condensation.

List Price - $895.00

Sale Price - $729.00
FOB Factory



#1027 Hawaii's Finest Shave Ice Machine 

The #1027 is a Cube Ice Shaver. Raise the lid and put a scoop full of cubes in - try to distribute the ice evenly to eliminate vibration. Close the lid, step on the foot switch and the powerful 1/3 Hp motor shaves the ice extremely fine! The blade is adjustable and it's important to check the adjustment from time to time. With experience, you can "feel" how fine the snow is by the weight of a cupful.


Sale Price - 
FOB Factory



{short description of image} #1047 Super Shaver, Shave Ice Machine with ¾ Hp Gear Drive Motor

The #1047 is the ultimate-the world's mhighest production, most powerful shave ice machine. The hopper takes a full 8lb. bag of cracked ice or cubes and quickly turns it into snow that is "finer than nature's finest."

The #1047 is the kind of machine you need for the really big spots - the busy midways - the busy fun spots and theme parks where one or more other people are putting on the syrup and making change.

List Price - Discontinued

Sale Price - 
FOB Factory



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